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  • Smartsurf ACE surgery

    SmartSurfACE is a “no-touch” technology, i.e. it works without touching the eye, without cutting or creating a vacuum. It is the newest and most effective variety of the Trans-PRK method.

    The procedure allows removal of the epithelium and vision correction to be carried out simultaneously and entirely by the laser in a single step, without contact of the eye to any surgical instrument.

    The innovative method SmartSurfACE combines Trans-PRK with the revolutionary SmartPulse, to achieve an impressively smooth surface of the cornea and speed up the recovery process, so immediately after the procedure patients can see noticeably better than with conventional surface methods. Advantages of SmartSurfACE

    • contact with instruments is avoided;
    • shorter operative time;
    • risk of dehydration the cornea is minimised ;
    • for individuals with thin corneas;
    • a better preservation of the corneal thickness;
    • suitable for power sports;
    • no restrictions for sports, visits to the pool, etc. after the procedure

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